I’ll be honest. A lot of the “divorce empowerment” inspiration posts out there suggest that we can’t be truly happy about our relationship transitions unless we:

a) “Move on. They don’t deserve you.”

b) “Feel sorry for them. They don’t know what they just lost.” or

c) “Forget about them. You’re better off without them.”

Why does our own happiness require that we degrade the love we once held for that person? We can transition our relationships from one state to another without bitterness, resentment, or feeling sorry for them. We can feel empowered simply because we loved, we learned, we grew, and we ultimately transformed. The transformation is powerful in its own right. Respect what was. Embrace what is. You are and have always been a complete person on your own. And a changing cast of characters does not devalue your fairytale, it simply makes for a fuller story.


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