the very best.

Honestly Ever After is a personal project. It’s all about convincing myself that there is indeed another fairytale. I want to believe it’s there. I’m so close to believing it. It’s like wanting to fly and then the wind lifts you up, your body ascends, and then only the tips of your toes remain grounded, and you are nearly completely convinced you actually will take flight. But it hasn’t happened yet. I’m an 80s ballad and flickering Zippo shy of being convinced that all love songs are fairytales worth wishing on. And so I want to hear more stories, see more shapes of love, even when love seems to flicker, even when it seems to skip across time and back again, even when it goes absent for awhile. Even if Jackie and Diane got pregnant at 18 and split up at 20, even if Jessie’s girl actually wanted a girl named Jessie, even if living on a prayer and promises of “I swear”  becomes divorced with kids and promises of “We’ll share”. They’re all love stories. The crescendos, the valleys, the ever-shifting shapes of passion, compassion, connection, and family.  I created this space to become filled up with them. To let those love stories provide that extra lift I seem to need in order to get my tiptoes off the ground.

There is no right way to love. Which means there is no wrong way to love. As long as there is love, love is there. So simple. But culturally, at least for the last century, we have been knuckle-wrapped and reprimanded into believing that one true love is the best kind of love. But I don’t trust that to be true. I am convinced on one thing for certain:

The best kind of love is just … love. And I’ll take it, til death do us part.


One thought on “the very best.”

  1. I admire your positivity 😊
    I’ve just turned 50 & been blogging about my new romance which is breaking all the rules I had… search for post Cardinal Rule if you’re interested. You never know what’s gonna happen! Good luck, from here in Australia 😃


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